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This database is intended to facilitate the ability of veterinary students and practitioners to make an accurate anatomic diagnosis of disorders of the nervous system in domestic animals.

The video clips on this web site are a component of the fifth edition of de Lahunta's Veterinary Neuroanatomy and Clinical Neurology by doctors Alexander de Lahunta, Eric Glass and Marc Kent and published by Elsevier in 2020. These video clips are organized by the chapters in this textbook where the case descriptions of the patients observed in the video clips can be found. These video clips have been selected from the collection compiled by the authors during their collective 80 years of experience. Where appropriate for each video clip, the anatomic diagnosis and clinical diagnosis are available on this web site. The basis for the anatomic diagnosis and the discussion of the differential diagnosis are found in the textbook. For the fifth edition of this textbook, the title has been changed to reflect the enormity of the contributions made by Dr. de Lahunta in creating the first and second editions.

Dr. Alexander de Lahunta

The College of Veterinary Medicine of Cornell University, acknowledges Dr. de Lahunta's vast contributions to the field of Veterinary Neurology.  His work has not only contributed significantly to the global knowledge of Veterinary Anatomy and Clinical Neurology, but also to many other aspects of veterinary medicine, enhancing the professional lives of veterinarians all over the world.